Exploding Rifle Targets Hit Their Mark [VIDEO]


For some shooters, hitting a bull’s-eye just isn’t enough. Sure, there’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you hit the mark, but something’s missing… A visceral indication of your accuracy, something that lets the world know what you’ve done, something that says, “Hell, yeah!”

And that’s where binary exploding rifle targets come in. The latest range among certain sharp-shooting crowds, these targets are primarily used as shot indicators for long-range target practice and training. These detonations produce a large explosion and a cloud of vapor water, creating an easy indicator of a marksman’s success.

tannBut with the introduction of more products to the market comes the risk of inferior products and shooters using those products in a careless manner. Ammoland goes back to the roots of this invention and focuses on the man who developed the first binary exploding rifle target, Dan Tanner:

Dan Tanner wasn’t satisfied with the paper or the poof. With a clever mind and dogged persistence, the Oregonian and Arkansas native set off to create a target that would clearly (and audibly) reveal long distance rifle hits. Tanner sought out to produce something that triggered the senses of sight and sound but without any byproduct risk of it causing a fire.

So he developed the first binary rifle target.

Learn more about Tannerite at their official website.

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Photos: Wikimedia Commons (top); Cheaper Than Dirt! (above)