Fishing for largemouth bass on a lake you’ve never fished before doesn’t mean you need new tactics. Terry Tuma of Outdoor News says he frequently receives questions about locating bass on a new lake. According to Tuma, locating fish is more about general patterning than finding specific sweet spots.

First, he writes, you need to gain an understanding of basics like water temperature and clarity, and types of cover. Then consider seasonal movement to determine specific locations.

“Trying to pattern fish means thinking about their movement and likely haunts. Too often we think of a pattern as the type of bait or lure. It’s a live bait rig for walleyes or Texas rig for bass. But before we think of that, understand why fish are in a specific area, then apply the appropriate lure.

“Ask yourself, ‘What are the fish doing right now?’ Are they spawn or post spawn? It varies on different types of water because of different clarity and depth, both of which affect temperature.”

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