Have you ever wished you could see in the dark about as good as you can during the day?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a little extra help recovering animals in the dark?

Too many hunters wound deer and other biggame animals close to complete darkness and have to wait overnight to begin the recovery.

By morning, it is possible coyotes have already found your kill, or the meat has begun to spoil in hot temperatures.

That is where thermal imaging comes into play, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

I was recently introduced to the Scout TK by FLIR.  This little monocular surprised me how well it showed images in the dark, and if an animal is within your line of sight out to 100 yards, you will be able to spot him.  This is a lot better than having to wait overnight, or trying to pick up the trail with flashlights.

At just $599, it is an affordable edition to any deer camp, especially if 4 or 5 guys go in together on it.


The FLIR Scout TK thermal vision monocular, the smallest and lightest camera in the FLIR Scout series, is developed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. Pocket-sized and designed for one-handed use, the Scout TK allows consumers to see in total darkness and become better aware of their surroundings. With more than five hours of battery life, the Scout TK detects body heat of people and animals, or helps identify key landmarks. Whether camping, fishing, or hiking, the rugged Scout TK provides outdoor enthusiasts with the power to fully explore and visualize their surroundings regardless of the environmental conditions.

The FLIR TG130 spot thermal camera is an entry-level camera for a broad spectrum of home and small business applications. By simply pointing the TG130 at an object, anyone can identify energy and temperature-related issues within and around a structure. From finding drafts, detecting heat loss around doors and windows, or locating areas of missing insulation, the TG130 pinpoints problems and helps users increase a home’s energy efficiency.

“Our two latest Lepton-based products help deliver on FLIR’s mission to provide people a sixth sense to enhance personal awareness and improve productivity in their mission, work, or personal lives,” said Andy Teich, CEO and President of FLIR. “We are excited to introduce these two new products that are bringing the power of thermal imaging to a whole new class of customers. “