For salmon and trout anglers looking to catch more fish (and who isn’t?), Captain Lou Borrelli has two words for you: Dipsy Diver. About the size of a small saucer or a softball, this flat disk enables anglers to troll multiple lines at once on the same side, and control the depth of their lure and its distance from their boat. Borrelli says:


“Dipsy Diver fishing is a great way to target salmon and trout. They are more affordable than down riggers and are great for smaller boats. They are very versatile and are explosive when a fish strikes. Once you catch fish with a Dipsy Diver setup, you will be an instant fan. In my mind there is no better way of catching a fish!”

Borrelli explains the best rod, reel, and line combinations, shares his top tips and techniques, and tells the best way to use Dipsy Divers with multiple diver rods.

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Photos: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (top); Fishound (above)