In the worlds of hunting and shooting, cartridges have never been more exciting. Whether you favor a standard bolt action rifle or the newest and latest black gun, there’s a Hornady cartridge that’s bound to excite you. Some cartridges such as the .223 Remington are favored by traditional and modern sporting arm enthusiast, yet others fall into distinctive formats not offered by the other. If you like shooting black guns, Hornady has made that choice easy with their appropriately named “Black” that’s chambered in many of today’s most popular and up-and-coming rounds such a 5.56 Nato, 6.5 Grendel, and 300 Blackout.  Many of these loads are suitable for hunting and target shooting.

Precision Hunter

Hunters deserve the same accuracy demanded by tournament shooters.

Several manufacturers offer “match grade” ammunition that is specifically designed for the precise accuracy that long range and competitive shooting demands.  Hey, what about us hunters?  Why can’t we have the same high-performance accuracy as the guys on shooting benches?  Now you can.

Hornady engineers developed match-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD-X bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic potential. Propellants used in the Precision Hunter ammunition line are clean burning and loaded to uniform capacity for consistent shot to shot results regardless of temperature. This attention to detail provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance uniformity for the most demanding and diverse hunting situations.  Featuring the radically superior ELD-X bullet with the Heat Shield tip, Precision Hunter is the ideal load for ANY hunting situation because of its effective terminal performance at ALL practical ranges.

American Gunner Rifle

This hollow point ammunition comes in handy 50-packs.

Last fall was my first experience with the 6.5 Creedmoor and I became an instant addict.  This round is incredibly accurate, yet offered a bit on the light side for deer hunting to my taste.  This year, Hornady sells the 6.5 Creedmoor, a round that Hornady invented by the way, in a 140-grain Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP) that’s destined to be the demise of many crafty bucks.  Here’s a quick video showing the prowess of this unique ammo line: