Light can be a life-saving commodity in wilderness settings, such as finding your way back to camp or assuring your gear is in order before climbing a stand. If you’ve ever trailed an animal in total darkness and then found your way back to camp, you know how important a headlamp or flashlight can be. If you’ve had a battery failure, you will never forget the experience.

Solar powered light saves weight and recharges each day.

This fall I’ve had the chance to experiment with HybridLight, a complete series of solar products from flashlights to folding camp lanterns to headlamps. In every case, their performance was impressive, and one day’s charge lasted well beyond the next. After charging a small flashlight, I could keep it in my pack (in the dark) for days and it still worked.

Great in the Back Country

On a Wyoming elk hunt, I used a bright lantern at night and left it in the sun the next day while I was hunting.  Upon returning to camp, I had all the light I needed to cook and prepare for the next day.

This folding camp lantern is compact and very bright.

Solar energy is not only convenient and reliable but lacks the weight from battery power. These solar units produce so much power that you can actually charge your cell phone or GPS in the field.

These using make perfect gifts or get a jump on next year’s hunting season. Whether you buy the full kit or individual items, you’ll be prepared for darkness and safer on the way home.