Batteries are a wonderful way to power camping and hunting devices when far from home. Unfortunately, they are heavy and short lived. Also, travel can be complicated by the fire potential of certain batteries. Hybridlight solves these problems with a host of new products that do far more than erase darkness for hikers, fisher, campers and hunters. Using built-in solar panels, they provide extended light usage with the bonus of charging cell phones and other small devices. Today’s smartphones are far more than just a communication device and Davy Crockett would have carried one if they existed. Cell technology allows for map displays, emergency communications, texting locations, GPS features, and a host of other functions that make remote travel safer and more predictable.

Truetimber Seven-Product Pro Kit
I was lucky enough to draw two elk tags this fall, a muzzleloading adventure on the roof of Colorado just west of Pikes Peak and a pack-in safari in Southwestern Wyoming. Both hunts are do-it-yourself events and light is one of my greatest concerns. Both hunts will be from spike camps where I’ll be miles from camp each day with the need to hunt until last light. I not only need illumination to find my way home, but to cook dinner, and prepare for the next day. Many times, this occurs with a small flashlight in my mouth, all the time worrying about dying batteries and the consequences it could have.

Total Package
The Truetimber Seven-Product Pro Kit seemed like the perfect solution to my dilemma and when it arrived, and I opened the box, it seemed an answer to a prayer. Here’s a quick run down of the contents and how I will use them:

Hybridlight Lantern– Carrying a lantern into camp is risky as they are heavy, fragile, and

These unit charge with solar power and will power cell phones and other devices.

energy consumptive. Coleman fuel cells are standard in may camps, yet weight and size often prevent them from use in remote areas. With the Hybridlight lantern I can count on plenty of light in camp and the ability to recharge my cell phone while I sleep. Also, this lantern has a built-in rheostat so that you can vary light projected and battery use.

Mammoth 400 Lumen Multi-Light and Charger– This utility light has a 110 charger for a maximum charge before leaving home or camp. It has a fold-down hook which allows for it to hang from a branch or truck hood like a “trouble light.” The head folds so that the device gets maximum charge from the sun and projects light at various angles. It too will charge phones, tables, and even a small laptop.

250 and 150 Flashlight– This kit comes with flashlights in two sizes. The larger model I’ll probably leave in camp so that it charges throughout the day while the small unit will be in the side pocket of my pack. If I’m watching a waterhole or wallow, I’ll lay it atop my pack so that it maintains a full charge.

PUC Expandable Lantern and Charger– This product blew my mind and will accompany me every day. The unit not only solar charges but hangs on a bow or tent line with two levels of brightness. Uniquely, it folds to the size of a hamburger and then expands to offer abundant light. As with other divides, it will charge as well.


This head lamp not only charges by solar power, but one charge will last up to 30 hours.

Headlamp– This staple of hunting is used for those who walks to a local tree stand or the outback. The Hybridlight headlamp has two levels of illumination and is so light you won’t know you are wearing it. At full charge, the light will last up to 30 hours. Best of all, you can use your other devices to charge it and never worry about running out of this critical light source.

HEX Blue Tooth Speaker and 400 Lumin Light– This unit probably won’t find its way into my wilderness camps yet is perfect for car camping or any event where listening to music is fun… and that about everywhere. You can play your favorite music and light up the night at the same time. And Yes, it charges as well.

These products are among the most innovative I’ve seen in years and I know they will make my adventures easier, safer, and more effective. In the wilds or around the house, these solar-powered units are environmentally friendly and engineered to perform. Check out the many uses on their website at