With this iHunt device and Ruger app, you'll always be ready with a call.
With this iHunt device and Ruger app, you’ll always be ready with a call.

You’re tucked into your tree stand just as day breaks and suddenly you spot movement.

No, it’s not the trophy buck you seek, but a skanky coyote sneaking through the timber just out of range. If only you could make a soft mouse sound or subdued rabbit squeal, the predator would head right for you.

Fortunately, to coin a phrase, there’s an app for that. iHunt offers a speaker that connects wirelessly to your smartphone.  Here’s the scoop from Predator Xtreme as they report from the SHOT show.

Extreme Dimensions’ iHunt wireless Bluetooth speaker and the iHunt by Ruger App allow you to use your smartphone as the controller for more than 600 sounds from 46 species. Once you sync the iHunt speaker with your phone you can download the iHunt app for free. The app breaks calls down to specific species. So if you want to call coyotes, you simply tap the coyote selection and scroll through dozens of sounds — including coyote vocalization and prey-distress sounds… [continued]

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