Top 10 Christmas Gift Picks for Hunters

Top 10 Christmas Gift Picks for Hunters

Does anyone ever say to you, or do you find yourself saying, “I don’t know what to buy you for Christmas, you seem to have everything!” It can be tough to buy for the outdoor men and women in your life, so we’ve tried to take some of the holiday stress away this year! We’ve come up with a fantastic list of products we’ve used throughout the year that we LOVE, and would make perfect Christmas presents for the hunter in your life.

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So, without further ado, here is our Top 10 Christmas Gift Picks for 2017:

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Top 10 Christmas Gift List! Comment with the number you want to see under your tree, and tag the person who you want to buy it for you!1. Boyds At-One Stock: starting at $189.002. Swagger Bipod: 3. Styrka S5 Series Binoculars and Scopes: 4. CampMade 12” Dutch Oven: h 5. Horn Hunter Packs: 6. Horton Crossbow: 7. Rapid Safe: 8. ALPS Outdoorz: Monarch X Women’s Pack: 9. L-AV8 Women’s Bamboo Legging: 10. Feast Mode Seasonings: Use promocode for 50% off: gametime

Posted by Hunting on Saturday, November 25, 2017

#1. Boyds’ At-One Gunstock

A custom Boyd’s rifle stock will add function and pizazz to any rifle.  Many shooters will benefit from a rise in comb heights or adjustment in length-of-pull and a custom stock will have your rifle fitting like a glove.  Plus, a splash of color will make the perfect addition to any gun collection.  If you have a new shooter in the family, a Boyds’ stock will be the favorite.  starting at $189.00
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#2. Swagger Bipod

Speed and flexibility give the Swagger Bipod the advantage over standard models.  Often a trophy animal presents a small window of opportunity and the flexibility of the Swagger bipod allows for quick target acquisition.  Additionally, the Swagger can be locked solidly for the steadiest of aims, literally the best of both worlds. 
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#3. Stryrka 55 Series Scopes and Binoculars

This line of optics gives the best look for the money.  Stryrka binoculars offer incredible adjustability and premium glass at an affordable price.  A top choice by many vendors, these bright, lightweight binoculars and scopes are waterproof and have excellent glare reduction.  A lifetime warranty includes annual service at no cost.  Send them back each year to make sure your gear is in top form.
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#4. CampMade 12” Dutch Oven

The outdoors makes food taste better.  Whether returning from a long-distance hike, catch of the day, or trophy quest, fueling up with comfort foods puts frosting on any outdoor experience.  This CampMade 12” inch Dutch oven allows you to prepare many of the specialty foods you do at home and the unique pouring handle enhances ease-of-use and versatility.

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#5. Horn Hunter Packs

Comfort and compartments set Horn Hunter Packs apart from the competition.  These packs carry easily with handy compartments on both sides of the waste strap for your knife, calls, and most-used small gear.  Additionally, the packs feature a compartment for emergency gear, medications, and other essentials that can be easily removed and attached.  Packs come in various sizes to fit any need.
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#6. Horton Crossbow

Horton crossbows offer many of the high-end accessories of the TenPoint Crossbow line at a more affordable price. Additionally, reverse limb technology gives a shooter plenty of speed in a smaller package. Cocking options include the ACUdraw that cocks with the turn of a handle or the ACUdraw 50, a unique rope-cocking system that contains the rope in the stock. Premium scopes come with all Horton packages.
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#7. Hornady Rapid Safe-

Handguns are ideal for home protection, yet keeping firearms from inquisitive young hands is a parental dilemma and responsibility.  Hornady’s Rapid Safe technology solves this problem with numerous access solutions including a special sticker that attaches to your cell phone.  Just swipe the phone over the safe and it instantly pops open.  These secure safes can also be opened by additional touch-free options, and manual code with child resistant construction.                                                                                
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#8. Alps Monarch X Woman’s Pack

The Monarch X is a day pack/meat-hauler hybrid pack that can be used as a standard day pack, and gives the user the option to haul out meat after a successful harvest with the built-in stowaway meat shelf.  The staff at Alps Outdoorz is comprised of men and women and they collaborated on this pack to give it a fit that women will love.

Monarch X Women’s Pack:
Retail- $199.99

#9. Feast Mode Spices

The lack of fat contained in venison and other outdoor game is a tremendous health benefit, yet “good-for-you” doesn’t always taste the best.  Feast Mode Spices fill that void and add a taste-enhancing snap to all wild and domestic foods.  Offered in a variety of flavors, your gang will surely salute the chef for your newly found culinary expertise.  These seasoning mixes are MSG free, gluten free and low in sodium, and would make the perfect stocking stuffer!
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 #10. L-AV8 Women’s Bamboo Leggings

We saved the best for last, especially, if you are the kind of guy who can never find that perfect gift for his gal.  These Leggings are AWESOME, and she will love them for active and casual wear.  Not only do these leggings naturally wick away sweat and are antimicrobial, they will be the most comfortable item in her wardrobe. L-AV8 gear features “infused technology” that can provide a host of performance and comfort benefits.  She will look great, feel great, and be greatly appreciative of your thoughtfulness.
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