For anyone interested in water sports – especially anglers – tracking the tide is important because tides affect the water current. Knowing the tide level and how to fish in it can mean the difference in going home with a cooler full of fish and going home empty handed.

Enter the Tidal Chronoscope app, which promises that you can now “tell the tide as easily as the time.” ChronGlobal, makers of the app, says,

“It is the first application that tells the tides in the simplicity of a graphic depiction of tide events in a watch format. And it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s going to change the lives of anyone with an interest in water-oriented activity. Not just fishermen, boaters, sailors or mariners. But divers, surfers and even shell collectors.”

The Tidal Chronoscope utilizes the GPS function on smartphones to provide instant and current tide information, and is packed with other features including tide predictions up to seven days in advance, 9,400 worldwide tide stations to choose from, tidal predictions by the hour, and much more.

The app is available in free and upgraded versions.

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Photo by: ChronGlobal