Do you dream of tying your own flies, donning a pair of waders, grabbing your fly rod, and fishing the day away, mid-river, in the style of A River Runs Through It? It’s not uncommon for anglers or other outdoor enthusiasts to dream of fly fishing in a pristine river somewhere, but one common belief is that it’s simply too expensive. However, according to St. Croix Rods, fly fishing is more easily attainable than you may think.

“There are certain fallacies that surround fly fishing. One, a financial gap spans between the angler and proper equipment. There’s an intimidation factor, too – all that wicker on the waist and measured line wafting in the clouds. And the headgear? Really, do I have to wear the fedora with the rooster feathers?

Such notions are so typecast and misleading. Casting furred and feathered offerings is more unique than elite. It’s affordable, too, even when casting high-quality rods made in the USA. Add to that, fly fishing isĀ  far less problematic to learn, even master, than most realize.”

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Photo by: St. Croix