Many hunters and deer managers consider trail cameras essential gear for their success. Like being on stand 24/7 with see-in-the-dark abilities, these digital eyes record digital images that form the basis of a deer management or hunting plan.  Placing camera’s effectively is one issue, since they can be taken by unethical people, chewed and licked by bears, or moved from their original orientation from wind or other factors.  Here’s how to mount it for success.

Solid Mount

This YouTube video shows how to make a solid mount that screws into a tree and will provide a downward angle so that cameras are directly out of a deer sight and those who might steal it.  Additionally, instead of placing stick and rocks behind the camera to get the proper focus, it holds firmly on course through the use of the camera’s tripod mount.

Coming and Going

Savvy camera users try to place a camera where animals will be moving toward the lens instead of shooting for a broadside shot. Video users will especially like this angle since you can get a full clip of the animal instead of a few seconds as it passes by.  Orient your camera facing north or south so that you don’t have sun shining directly into the lens.  Use a compass app on your phone or a real compass to make the best placement.

Click to Watch how it’s Done

Build a DIY Trail-Camera Mount