Deer dominance doesn’t take a rest when antlers fall off, yet bucks settle things differently when their antlers are in velvet.  Although magnificent to see, deer antlers in velvet are very sensitive and somewhat fragile.  Underneath that layer of fuzzy skin flows an interstate highway of blood vessels such that they are warm to the touch.  Whitetail deer won’t fight antler-to-antler as in the breeding season, because the combat could be fatal to each.

Hooves are Weapons 

Since female deer so not have antlers, they often fight with their hooves and use those sharp kicks to keep predators at bay.  You may have seem video of does kicking at predators and one blow can be fatal.  Watch as these two mid-summer bucks settle a score.  The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency captured footage of two velvet-racked white-tailed bucks sparring each other near a trail in Hardeman County, Tennessee. The two bucks are seen on their hind legs throwing a furry of jabs and punches as they do their best to preserve those beautiful antlers growing on top of their heads.