Armed Hunter vs. Wild Boar [VIDEO]


A hunter straps on a video camera and heads out into the woods. While there, he’s attacked twice by a wild boar that rushes up and charges him. The hunter is armed but at first does not fight back. Then he decides that enough is enough and takes matters into his own hands. Watch the video to see how things turn out, and let us know how you would have handled the same situation.

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Photo: NPR


  1. he should have shot that thing the first time. wild boar are almost as dangerous as bears because unlike bears they are know to attack on sight and are extremely dangerous to hunt because of that.

      • No way. Following the accent, this is either France or Belgium. The expressions used are rather vulgar : “Son of a b…, the motherf.. charged me twice.
        Besides, the guy points at the boar coming out of the “beat” where the beaters push the game. This is strictly forbidden because of the risk of killing a beater. After this, he shoots at the boar again in the same direction. On top of that, he shoots it up the ars which as pprecited. In my hunting area, he packs his stuff and returns back home and never come back again.

  2. He didn’t shoot right away because his hunting dog was right be hide the boar as you can see in the video, Maybe should have moved out of the way though

  3. Prematurely shot his firearm when knocked to the ground. So unsafe. Who knows where that stray bullet went, luckily no one was injured.
    What some people don’t understand is that those dogs can cost several thousands of dollars just to buy, plus several thousands in training and time invested in the process.
    Everyone is a critic, and can easily point out The obvious. The main this is that this gentleman, no matter where he was from, walked out of the woods.
    Would I hunt with him ever again if this happened…..probably not, unless he learned hunting and firearm safety.
    Don’t hunt hogs unless you’re prepared