Great Gear for Late-Season Turkey Hunting: Your Ultimate Guide”

As the turkey hunting season reaches its final stages, your hunting gear becomes a decisive factor in your success. Those seasoned in the art of late-season turkey hunting know that the best turkey hunting equipment can make all the difference when the gobblers have heard it all. To guide you through this, we’ve compiled a list of great gear for late-season turkey hunting that have proven their worth in the field.

  1. Walker’s Game Ear Razor Series
add to your late-season turkey hunting

Hunters know the importance of good hearing, and the Walker’s Game Ear Razor Series takes this to another level. Its noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23dB ensures protection in noisy environments, while high-definition speakers provide clear, balanced sound. Hunters can hear the faintest sounds, crucial for detecting a distant gobbler.  If this is something you are looking for here’s the link to Walkers:

  1. Stealth Cam Fusion X

Pro-staff here at the Hunting Page are big fans of trail cams.  The Stealth Cam Fusion X is a game-changer in scouting. The images are super clear, night vision works, and they are generally just excellent.  With a trigger speed of less than 0.8 seconds, you won’t miss any turkey movement.  Ok – here’s a link to

  1. HME Turkey Ground Blind

We like this one, the HME Turkey Ground Blind strikes a nice balance between portability and space. They’ve got the spring-steel design right, it allows quick setup and takedown like you’d want, and the shoot-through mesh windows provide an unobstructed view of your target. The brushed fabric exterior offers maximum concealment. Tons of good stuff at HME – here’s the link: for more details.

  1. Primos Hunting Double Bull SurroundView Blind


Primos Blinds
game changer addition to your turkey set up

Another cool blind:  The Primos Hunting Double Bull SurroundView Blind is something special.  It has one-way see-through walls that let you see all of your surroundings without being seen, making it a perfect late-season turkey hunting gear.

Learn more at

  1. NAP Thunderhead Nitro Broadheads

The NAP Thunderhead Nitro Broadheads are known for their field point accuracy and superior penetration. Featuring Diamize sharpened blades for massive hemorrhaging and micro-grooved ferrules for improved flight stability, these broadheads increase your chances of a successful hunt. Check out

  1. Cyclops MEVO 255 Lumen Hand Held Light

The Cyclops MEVO 255 Lumen Hand Held Light is a hunter’s best friend during the twilight hours. Its dual light source – high power off-center LED for long-range and 3 LED for immediate area use – gives you flexibility in various lighting conditions. It’s compact, lightweight, and has a burn time of 3 hours on high power. Find out more at

  1. Avian-X LCD Strutter Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X LCD Strutter Turkey Decoy is a powerful tool for late-season hunts. Its non-aggressive pose and incredible detail, including lifelike paint and feather detail, provoke challenges from dominant gobblers. Its collapsible design ensures easy transport. See how this decoy can up your game at

  1. Muddy Outdoors’ Bale Blind

The Muddy Outdoors’ Bale Blind offers a unique approach to concealment. Its bale-like appearance is unassuming to turkeys, while the waterproof and insulated fabric ensures you stay comfortable during long waits. The large, adjustable windows provide a wide field of view. More details are available at

  1. H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack
In the realm of late-season turkey hunting, having all your gear within easy reach is crucial.

These are cool.  You may have to backorder now, to have one for next spring though.  They are pretty popular right now.  The H.S. Strut UnderTaker Chest Pack is a perfect companion for the mobile turkey hunter. It’s designed with multiple specialized pockets, including a box call pocket with an adjustable buckle and chalk holder. The durable material and adjustable straps add to the functionality, ensuring your essential gear is always within reach. Learn more at

  1. Johnny Stewart GS2 Game Call

The Johnny Stewart GS2 Game Call is a turkey hunter’s secret weapon. It comes preloaded with 10 sounds and provides a range of 100 yards, giving you the flexibility to lure gobblers from a safe distance. Its weather-resistant case ensures durability, even in challenging conditions. Discover this must-have tool at

Late-season turkey hunting is not just about being out in the wild; it’s about being prepared and having the right gear at your disposal. With these products, your late-season turkey hunt will be a more engaging and potentially fruitful experience. Remember, the success of a hunt is not just measured by the game harvested, but by the memories created and the knowledge gained.

Happy hunting!



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