Storing firearms safely is just one element of a good gun safe. Sure, you want your guns to be secure, to keep inquisitive young minds from danger and criminals from your prized possessions. Still, a good gun safe should serve a multitude of purposes. A quality safe will be a lifetime purchase, so do your due diligence and make an informed choice using these principles:

A Quality Gun safe is a great investment in safety and security.

Size Matters: Buy twice what you think you’ll need. Some, perhaps even a lot, of your gun storage will be used for coin collections, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables, so make sure you have ample room.

Think Water Damage: Basements and lower levels are excellent for safes, yet are prone to water damage. Make sure your selected safe is waterproof.

Fires Are Hot: A room on fire may reach 1,000 degrees in just 10 minutes, so a quality safe must have excellent insulation to protect your valuables. At a minimum, safes should have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal for protection, yet many manufacturers exceed these minimum standards. More than 500,000 homes burn from fire each year in the USA, so give this element serious consideration.

Keep in mind delivery, see if your retailer will include it.

Don’t Forget Delivery: The final price of any safe must include delivery, so be wary of a great sale on an 800-pound safe that’s dropped at your door. Local vendors often run sales, but make sure you negotiate the price so that it includes the proper placement of the safe inside your home.

Think of a Safe as Furniture: Many of today’s top brands feature attractive outdoor scenes and eye-pleasing exteriors. Yes, a safe must be functional, but if it’s attractive, you can display it prominently in your home where it’s easily accessible.

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