Alligators are known to eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. Imagine the surprise of taxidermist Ken Owens when he cut into the stomach of a 15-foot alligator, weighing more than a half ton, and found an adult deer.

Inside the massive gator caught out of the Alabama river was an adult whitetail doe weighing in at 115 pounds, estimated to be three years old. It’s believed the gator ate the deer all at once. Besides the deer, two squirrels were in the stomach as well. It just goes to prove that nothing is safe in gator country.

It was thought by many that a coyote pieced on their meals, but this proved that theory wrong.

Most of the hair was gone from the deer, but the rest of the deer was intact.

There is no video of the gator being gutted, nor of the discovery being made. But check out this video of the massive creature being skinned.

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