5 Tips to Ensure You Never Miss Again


Spring gobblers are incredibly easy to miss, especially at close or long range. The excitement is so great that hunters just shoot blindly. Don’t blow your chance after waiting for hours on a sit; these five steps will help ensure that your next shot hits its mark.

DSC_0331Know the range: Carry a laser rangefinder and check the range to specific trees, rocks, or landmarks before you begin calling. Archers routinely do this from tree stands for deer. If you don’t have a rangefinder, step off an object at 40 yards (or 20 if the bird is hot), so that you know the 40-yard line.

Swing before you sit: Before settling into your final shooting position, swing the shotgun over the full range of vision. Be sure you can swing and shoot without hitting a sapling or other obstruction. Turkeys rarely approach on a straight line, so prepare to shoot right or left.

Learn to puck: You want to lure that gobbler into range and make it raise its head at the proper time for a quick kill. Learn to use a diaphragm caller and cut or puck when the bird is 25 yards out. It will invariably raise its head or gobble, extending its neck in either case.

Use decoys: Hen or jake decoys may help lure a gobbler and will distract the tom’s attention and give you that extra second to aim precisely. Gobbler decoys can be dynamite, but use them under extreme caution.

TG8030GAChange sights: Mount rifle iron sights or use a red dot scope, like the ones offered by TruGlo. By using a sight picture with two reference points (as on a rifle) or a red-dot scope, you’ll put the sight on the bird’s head and maintain your shooting form. TruGlo just introduced a new sight and the following advantages explain why it works:

The Triton Gobble-Stopper 30mm dual-color red-dot sight with Weaver-style mount has a 3 MOA center dot reticle perfect for hunting turkeys. The two choices of reticle colors that contrast against any target or scenery are red and green. The Detachable extended sunshade eliminates glare from the front lens helping conceal your position from the birds. The power source for the TG8030GB/GA is a 3v battery. A spare battery is included within the spare battery storage compartment. The 3 MOA center dots illuminated circle equals 24 inches at 30 yards.