Hunting whitetails by previous seasons wind and weather patterns can be a very confusing concept to some whitetail hunters. Nothing is more important to a mature whitetail than smelling their surroundings before exposing themselves. Whitetails use the wind like a supercharged bird dog tasting every particle they can to make a strategic decision while concentrating on the important things in life (breeding and food). Mature bucks have the uncanny ability of knowing particular stand sights and hunter entrances and exits to and from stands. Figuring out when and why they moved through a particular area should be dissected quite carefully. Mature bucks very rarely give you the full advantage when moving during daylight.

Mature Bucks can be very Patternable if your scouting is done correctly.

Trail cameras are a valuable tool when it comes to trying to connect the dots on a mature buck. Like most tools in the whitetail hunters arsenal careful planning of camera sites and information from cameras can give you the upper hand on taking a trophy buck. Backdating Unique buck trail camera photos is a lot of hard but fun work and will unlock many of the elements of why that buck moved that particular day. There are many great apps and programs for marking down particular buck encounters from the field and trail cameras. Keeping a log of weather, wind direction and time of year  will give you a detailed whitetail map to how that buck works the area you hunt on certain weather patterns and how he may have beat you this past Fall. You can find specific hourly wind directions and other weather elements such as moon phase and barometric pressure on weather channel or your local weather records. Mature bucks always have the advantage on you when you are in their round house. So backdating the previous seasons trail cam photos could be the ticket to a strategic approach to individual bucks on certain weather patterns or more importantly specific wind directions.