A Gun Safe That Talks


No matter where you stand on gun control, everyone agrees that guns must be stored safely in the home. Unfortunately, folks worried about self protection must weigh secure storage against ease of access. Liberty Safe just introduced a unique new product that will work on any existing gun safe, as well as cabinets, storage closets, almost any compartment that closes. Best of all, if someone attempts to enter your secure compartment, the SafElert device talks to you, via text message. Here are the details: 

MVC-005F[1]SafElert is a compact 3 x 2 x 1-inch wireless hi-tech communications device you can employ in any existing safe or any other confined space, including your dresser drawers, automobile, liquor cabinet, or even in your refrigerator (to catch a secret snacker). The SafElert will notify you if your safe is jarred, hit, pried, moved, opened, over heated, the handle is jostled, or most anything else out of the ordinary. Additionally, the system will automatically send you a weekly humidity report from the inside the safe. 

The alarm and reports are sent as texts or emails through a Wi-Fi system and received via e-mail messaging and cell/smart phone via Elertus Cloud services. If any of those systems fails, SafElert will notify you of that particular failure event upon its hourly check-in. The device will notify you when the batteries are getting low. Up to five people can receive this information. So if you forget your cell phone or go on a hunting trip without your electronic toys and an alert comes in, any one of these other people can react to the alarm.

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Joe Byers
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