A Mounted Camera That’s Portable? It’s True


It can take a good long time to find the perfect spot for your scouting camera. Once established, it’s frustrating to have to remove your camera to view pictures, adjust settings, or take it for servicing, only to have to reinstall in your prime location.

Fortunately, HCO Outdoor Products has released a camera with a unique physical design. The VH400HD is the company’s first camera to feature a completely independent removable camera assembly that can be fully removed from its external case. This presents the distinct advantage of not having to disturb the setup of the external case once it has been carefully placed for just the right camera angle. Additionally, when the camera is placed in uncomfortably high or low positions, the camera unit can be removed for comfortable picture review or servicing.

VH400_2_1200This camera features outstanding specifications such as True “NO GLOW” invisible Black IR lighting, 6 megapixel resolution, trigger speeds as low as .2 seconds and 720P HD video resolution, Motion trigger and Time Lapse mode (day & night), 2” TFT color view screen and the support of up to a 32 gigabyte SD memory card. Other top-of-the-line features include Ultra Night Sensor and Dynamic Light Metering. Video mode in Time Lapse, once it is enabled, the camera will output the pictures into videos in 30 frame/s format.

For more information, please visit hcooutdoors.com.