Are Taxpayers Supporting a Wolf Summit?


Big Game Forever is a pro-hunting group that keeps its ear to the ground for issues important to the conservation of wildlife and hunter’s rights. They’re raising the question, and I heartily agree, as to whether the Yellowstone National Park organization is taking a strong anti-hunting stance by supporting and perhaps promoting the Yellowstone National Park Wolf Rally. Here are the questions they raise:

13698735-standard[1]The National Park Service is purportedly promoting a gathering near Yellowstone National Park this weekend entitled “Speak for Wolves.” Suggesting that “it is time to completely reform wildlife management in America” the purpose of the event is to advance an agenda to:

* End grazing on all federal public lands.
* Ban trapping/snaring on all federal public lands.
* Reform how state fish and game agencies operate.
* Abolish the predator-control department of USDA Wildlife Services.
* Introduce legislation to protect all predators, including wolves, from sport hunting, trapping, and snaring.

Considering the impacts to elk, moose, and mule deer herds from unmanaged/undermanaged predator populations, the impacts from these proposals would only deepen the loss of wildlife on America’s public lands. We are also concerned about the increasing radicalism of special interest groups whose agenda threatens balanced use of our natural resources and a future of abundant wild game herds in America. Just as important, is the reminder of the need to be vigilant on efforts to erode our rights to hunt, fish, trap and utilize our public lands.

We are working to determine whether the allegations that the National Park Service is promoting this event are true. It begs the question as to why a United States Federal Governmental Agency would help promote a rally with such an extreme agenda.

We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.