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Agagia Day 1 5, 2014 105I’ve been hunting in Namibia with Agagia Safaris for the past 10 days and am pretty much out of touch with world events. At my departure I was sickened to hear of the nearly 500 school girls that were kidnapped by terrorists in Nigeria and, at this writing, hope that they have been safely rescued.

Although that location was 1,000 miles from my safari, using Lost Camo gave me some consolation that I was doing something about such problems, be it ever so small. “Matt McPherson wanted all of the money earned from the sale of Lost Camo to go to charity, and 100% of the profits have done so since its introduction,” said Mathews executive Keith Jennings. “We support more than 700 missionaries across the world, mostly in Africa.”

The camo I wore on safari was in Lost pattern and made by Gamehide in their ElimiTick fabric. Although Lyme’s disease doesn’t occur in Africa, the continent has plenty of insects that can be a problem. Aside from the great blending properties of the Lost pattern, wearing the ElimiTick gave me plenty of protection even when I was climbing trees, scratching up termite mounds, andAgagia Day 1 5, 2014 074 stepping in warthog holes.

The fabric was quiet, versatile, and blended very well with the African bush in the fall season. As the picture at right shows, had I not been wearing camo pants, my presence would be nearly undetectable. Best of all, the insect-repellent fabric will holds is bug-fighting ability through 70 washings, probably the life of any camo garment. For more information, check

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Joe Byers
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