Date Night Venison


Want your wife or girlfriend to beg you to go deer hunting? Take your relationship to the next level. Many women find it very sexy when a man cooks for them; these six venison recipes can have your romance flaming like balsa charcoal.

Venison has a way of languishing in a freezer, so now’s the time to thaw out last year’s harvest and create something spectacular. The folks at North American Whitetail have outdone themselves with easy-to-follow recipes and images of plated venison that will make your mouth water. You’ll want all six of these recipes, which run the gamut of culinary delight, beginning with that All-American favorite, the venison bacon cheeseburger. What could be more warming on these cold days than Venison stew with lots of potatoes and vegetables? Next you’ll learn the ins and outs of venison goulash, venison roast, and sexy kabobs. Finally, you’ll need an apple cider marinade to begin grilled venison backstraps to die for. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

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Joe Byers
Joe Byers has more than 1,000 magazine articles in print and is currently a field editor with Whitetail Journal, Predator Xtreme, Whitetails Unlimited, Crossbow Revolution, and African Hunting Journal magazines. He’s spent the last three decades depicting the thrill of the chase and photographing the majesty of all things wild. Byers is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association and numerous other professional and conservation organizations.