Video: Lady is Annoyed With Deer Crossing Signs

Why do deer crossing signs have to be on roads that are heavily traveled?


I suppose most of you reading this no the purpose of deer crossing signs.

They are not in place to direct deer movement, but to inform motorists of high deer populations in the area.

One lady who called into a local radio station could not understand that.

She blamed the state for putting deer crossing signs in traffic areas for her deer/vehicle collision.

She would like to see the signs moved to less traveled roads.

I don’t think she understands.

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Jason Houser
Jason Houser is an avid traditional bowhunter from Central Illinois who killed his first deer when he was nine years old. A full-time freelance writer since 2008, he has written for numerous national hunting magazines. Jason has hunted big game in 12 states with his bow, but his love will always be white-tailed deer and turkeys. He considers himself lucky to have a job he loves and a family who shares his passion for the outdoors. Jason writes full time and is on the pro staff of two archery companies; in his free time, he fishes and traps as much as possible.