Don’t Overestimate Fish Movement


Anglers know there are plenty of reasons the bass don’t bite, and plenty of ways to try to change their minds. Casting techniques, lures, water temperature, weather, and many other factors come into play. Fish may go to deeper water, says Evinrude Pro Andy Morgan, but don’t overestimate how far bass will move.

088736_headline Photo by Kyle Wood Courtesy of FLWOutdoors

Don’t overestimate how far fish go when they move from where they were yesterday to where they are today. And don’t be surprised if tomorrow they might be back where they started from. Turn on your Lowrance and start idling around until you find them again. They might not bite on the same lures you caught them on before, but that’s something you’ve got to find out. That’s part of what makes fishing fun.

Photos: Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (top); Kyle Wood, courtesy of FLW Outdoors (above)

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