Facing Death on an African Cape Buffalo Hunt


Scott Shultz is one of the world’s top bowhunters. His skill with a bow was so great that he practically owned the 3-D tournament circuit back in the day. Now, as owner and president of Robinson Outdoors, Shultz hunts when his schedule allows. He has a knack with close calls and once nearly drowned on a brown bear hunt in Alaska. Yet he manages to persevere. This time, Shultz gets busted by a Cape buffalo at close range, and someone — or something — is going to die. This is a thrilling account in the hunter’s own words.


I suppose that today nothing new can be written about hunting Africa’s notorious Cape buffalo. Such an awesome and intimidating animal has been hunted for so long, producing hunts that are occasionally life-threatening, always exhilarating, and filled with heart-pounding excitement. Buffalo hunting has inspired ink to flow from the pens of many famous African scribes, hunter clients, and professional hunters. Somewhere back in time, after he had charged enough hunters and killed more than any other, he was deservedly dubbed “Black Death.” I’ve hunted Cape buffalo several times in Tanzania and South Africa and have three wide, heavily-bossed heads and a thousand memories for my efforts. I hunt with a bow; Cape buffalo included… Black Death.

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Photo (bottom): OutdoorHub

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Joe Byers
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