How Many Soda Cans Will a .22LR Go Through? [VIDEO]


Shooting a .22 long rifle round is pure fun and great practice between hunting seasons. However, after you’ve worn out a bullseye, getting some other type of action into the game makes practice much more exciting.

One of the greatest practice targets can be found at your local grocery store. Compared to commercial targets, they’re very economical and tons more fun. What are they, you ask? Regular ol’ soda cans. You can buy a case for a couple of dollars, and they’re so cool to explode that there’s never a question of “hit or miss?”

Along this shooting line, YouTuber 22plinkster posted an interesting experiment online, one you can have a ball replicating. Check it out for yourself.

Have you tried target practice like this? What other objects have you used to hone your shooting skills? Let us know in the comments below.

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Joe Byers
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