Goose populations continue to be strong, whether you hunt migrating birds or the monsters that seem to have lost their compass and spend all winter in the same spot. Although the species are the same, tactics for residents and migrating birds differ. Corey Dukehart is a Mossy Oak pro-staff member and avid waterfowl hunter; his tips will help ensure that your goose gets cooked.


When you’re hunting on the Eastern Shore for migrating flyway Canada geese, you’ll be competing with many other hunters who want to take those same geese. I believe there’s strength in numbers when hunting geese, especially when you’re hunting places with high hunter pressure. So, we’ll put out big spreads of 14- to 16-dozen decoys. Our spread will include full-body decoys, windsocks and silhouettes. I like the Bigfoot full-body decoys, and I like the Real Geese silhouette decoys… [continued]

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