Hunting Cougar Through the Brutal Cold


A wife encourages her man to seek out a cougar… but it’s not what some may think! This supportive woman is telling her hunting-enthusiast hubby to join his hunting buddies in a winter outing as they track cougars. With dogs in tow, the friends brave the bitter Colorado elements, but sub-zero temperatures quickly put a damper on their progress.

kh-74monsterAs the bitter wind brings the temperature down to a nasty 21 below, the hunters must make the choice whether to endure the punishing cold or hold tight and wait for a break.

As the thermometer finally inches up to zero, the hunters hit the trail, and with the help of the dogs and a GPS tracker, find their prey. The good news? It’s only 900 yards away. The bad news? They’re at the foot of a mountain, and their cougar is 900 yards, straight up.

This compelling photo essay from the G5 From the Field blog offers fantastic, you-are-there pictures that really must be seen. Join “Team Radical” as this dramatic cougar hunt plays itself out.

Photo: G5 From the Field