Hunting is Cool… and Here’s the Proof


Hunters should not be defensive about their sport. Sure, we kill things, but we eat them too, and allow our prey to wander about in the wild as nature intended.  We are carnivores and should be proud of it  Maybe it’s the influence of celebrities like Ted Nugent, Willie Robinson, Bill Jordan, and the like, but as the graph shows below, more Americans have a positive attitude about hunting than they did nearly a decade ago. Thanks to Responsive Management for this summary:


Since 2006, hunting participation has increased by 9%, according to the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2011). Meanwhile, shooting participation has increased by 18% since 2009 (Responsive Management, 2013). Other studies on public opinion on hunting conducted by Responsive Management show that the strongest correlation with approval of hunting is knowing a hunter–over and above demographic variables or any other factor. With the increased number of hunters in the field and sport shooters at the range, it is possible that this increase is being reflected in support for hunting as well.

Overall, the most recent study found that more than half of Americans (52%) strongly approve of hunting (79% strongly or moderately approve). At the other end of the spectrum, 12% disapprove (strongly or moderately) of hunting. Another 9% gave a neutral answer.

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Joe Byers
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