Kentucky Elk Tags Increase to 1,000


Kentucky’s elk introduction project has been wildly successful, no pun intended, and the number of tags available to the public will increase by a full 10 percent for 2014. Many outdoors-men and women dream of hunting elk, but believe that it’s too expensive or logistically impractical due to travel and  work limitations. Kentucky is practically next door, has the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi and is an incredible hunting opportunity for a variety of reasons:

  • Access: Kentucky is a day’s drive or less from about anywhere in the east. WhenCO Rifle Elk 2011 081 you bag your elk, you can pack it in coolers and drive it home.
  • Hunting help: Once you have a license, you can take as many “helpers” along as you wish, making the difficult job of packing out meat much more manageable. Apply with several friends and when one draws a tag, everyone get to go along.
  • Hunt method variety: Applicants can select from four categories of hunts — bull firearm, bull archery or crossbow, cow firearm, and cow archery or crossbow. However you like to hunt, including muzzleloading, you can do it.
  • Lots of public land: The Straight Creek section, for example, has 55,189 acres of public land and because tags are limited, you’ll have very little competition.
  • Big bulls: The top ten bulls taken in Kentucky range from a score of 372 to 349, all super trophy animals, not to mention incredible venison.
  • Finally, tag applications are just $10, the best hunting deal on the planet. The application period ends April 31, 2014, so get in the hunt by applying here.
SOURCEKentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources
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Joe Byers
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