Make Practice Fun with Splatter Targets


DSC_0289Shooting practice is much more exciting with realistic targets. Archers may get the added realism of 3-D animals, but center-fire targets are a bit more challenging.

Birchwood Casey has upped the ante on fun and realistic practice with the introduction of three colorful new targets that show the bullet’s impact and help hunters concentrate on the kill zone of big and small game.

These targets also help hunters learn their effective range by showing the potential results of each hit. If you can’t keep shots consistently within the vitals, get closer or modify your shooting form. Check out the details of these effective new targets.

PREGAME Splattering Targets are now available in Squirrel, Mule Deer and Elk versions. The targets feature full color graphic images of each animal for a realistic shooting experience. Bullet holes “splatter” on impact making it easy to see your shots. The vital area is clearly marked in red and hits there react with a highly visible fluorescent red circle. Shots outside of the vital area react with a white ring so it is easy to see if your gun is dialed in.

The Mule Deer and Elk versions measure 16.5″x24″ and come in packs of three for $12.60. The Squirrel target measures 12″x18″ and comes in packs of eight for $12.60.

SOURCEBirchwood Casey
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