Mathews Launches New Bows


Shooting a Mathews bow for the first time, my thoughts were, “This bow shoots so well it seems almost unfair in competition.” The arrows grouped tightly from a smooth draw and a nearly shock-free release. The model back then was the Sidekick, and Mathews has continued their innovative ways with new and improved models in successive years. That ease of accuracy and consistent performance produced the handsome mule deer buck shown above (at 55 yards) and a trophy pronghorn buck (at 50 yards) on the same hunt.

Mathews has just introduced their line of new products for 2014, which includes two new models: the Creed XS and the Monster Chill R. You can bet that archery shops across the country will be abuzz about the new introductions. Here’s a quick look.

Creed XS Lost CamoNew for 2014, the Mathews Creed XS features a compact profile with the forgiveness and accuracy serious bowhunters demand. Powered by the industry leading SimPlex Single Cam Technology, the Creed XS not only has a super smooth draw cycle, but provides tack driving accuracy and a rock solid back-wall for shot-to-shot consistency. Engineered with Mathews dependability, the Creed XS is smoother, lighter and even quieter than its predecessor.

Creed XS Specs: IBO Up to 321 fps- Axle to Axle 28”-  Brace Height 7 1/2” – Physical Weight 3.80 – Let off 80% – Draw Weights 50-70 lbs -Draw Lengths 26-30”  -Half sizes 26.5-29.5” -MSRP $999 – Finish Available Lost Camo, Black, Black Tactical, Desert Tactical and Black Crimson.

Chill R Desert Tactical

The Monster Chill R is the latest offering in the dynamic McPherson Series bows from Mathews. Centered on the AVS DYAD cam system, the Chill R offers the smoothest speed in all of archery. With Dual Perimeter Weighted Cams you’ll experience minimal post shot vibration at blazing speeds, all in a lightweight, compact package. Learn more at and shoot the New, Chill R today at your Authorized Mathews Retailer. Chill R Specs: IBO Up to 342 fps – Axle to Axle 33” – Brace Height 6 1/8” – Physical Weight 3.95  – Let off 80%  – Draw Weights 50-70 lbs. – Draw Lengths 23-30″ – Half sizes 23.5-29.5” – MSRP $999 – Finish Available Lost Camo, Black, Black Tactical, Desert Tactical and Blue Ice.

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