Miss Kansas Receives Death Threats from Anti-Hunters


In response to posting an African hero shot online, an anti-hunter bought Melissa Bachman’s personal information and sent it to 25 registered sex offenders in her area, adding in the message hopes for her rape and murder. More women enjoy hunting and shooting today than ever before, yet there seems to be an innate intolerance by some who not only oppose female hunters, but push the limits of the law, wishing bodily harm and even death to women who hunt. Ace Luciano covers this unbelievable story in a post from The Shooter’s Log.

Hunting Legends 4 076There is a great deal to be concerned about out there. Many people are aware of the plight of Melissa Bachman, and her castigation for shooting a lion in South Africa last year. When I spoke with Melissa at the Shot Show, she had received over 1600 anonymous death threats as well as numerous threats of vandalism and violence against her relative’s and her property. Somebody bought her background information and posted her name, address, phone number and email as well as her parents’ information and advocated vandalism and violent acts against them. The police had to add extra officers to patrol her neighborhood.