New App Offers Outdoors Regulations for All 50 States


Ken Cobb has a particular fondness for fishing. “I’ve been an avid fisherman since around the age of 7,” he says. “My favorite type of fishing is for largemouth bass, and the largest one I’ve ever caught was 5 lbs.” Like many outdoors enthusiasts, Cobb wants to know what his options are when planning his next excursion. That might include a trip to a neighboring state, which then necessitates an understanding of a new set of hunting and/or fishing regulations.

As a computer science and software engineering student at West Virginia University, Cobb soon realized that much of the regulations that are so vital to sportsment are not easily accessible online, particularly on mobile devices. So he took matters into his own hands. Within two weeks he had created the code that now serves as the backbone for his iOS app, Outdoor Rules Regulations & Seasons, available through iTunes or the Apple App store.

cobb“I created the app out of my own necessity for wanting a more organized way of accessing regulations,” explains Cobb. “I found that most of the state’s websites were very cluttered and confusing, and also frequently changed the layout of their sites, making it a chore to find what I needed quickly and efficiently.” Cobb also points out that the digital regulations are more portable and can be updated with the latest changes from every state.

“The app is easy to use for accessing and saving every state’s hunting and fishing regulations. The great thing about it is that it sends Push Notifications to users to tell them when the regulations are updated. The app also lets you download the new up-to-date regulations right within the app. It’s a fantastic way for users to always have the most current regulations.” Hunters and anglers alike have given the app enthusiastic feedback.

southBut Cobb isn’t resting on his laurels. “My biggest goal, and what I’ve been working on for nearly three years, is a new social-communication app,” Cobb reveals. “Think of a social network that’s more fun and personal, with less drama.” Like the Outdoor Rules app, this product is a labor of love, and one that Cobb is eager to bring to fruition. He’s at an outreach stage and is currently seeking development aid and external investors.

You can find out more about the Outdoor Rules app at There you’ll find links to purchase the app for the nominal price of $1.99, which covers the cost of maintaining the regulation books and updating the app.

Photos: (top), (above), AppAnnie (right)