New Gear: LiveTarget BaitBall


I had the pleasure this year of attending ICAST, the big tackle show in Las Vegas where all the manufacturers show their latest wares for the tackle store buyers and the media. One of the new products that really caught my eye, and was a Best In Show winner for hard baits, was the LiveTarget BaitBall.

Schooling bait fish attract attention. It’s the reason the Alabama Rig is such an effective weapon. The BaitBall takes that same idea and twists it in a way that will blow your mind! Read along as Rahfish does a deep dive on this hot new bait.

threadfinshad_baitballIt’s always interesting seeing just how the market reacts when a new idea is released into the fishing industry. Through all the tackle, rods, reels, electronics, you name it, it always tends to cause a chain reaction.

If you were living under a rock this past summer, then you didn’t hear about LiveTarget’s BaitBall series winning Best New Hard Bait at ICast 2013. So what does this mean to the angler?Well, winning best new hard bait tells us there is something special about this new line of lures by LiveTarget. Does it mean we have to stop fishing and it’ll catch the fish for us? Absolutely not! What it does tell us, is this bait is different and it’s something the heavily pressured fish haven’t seen before, and it could give the angler the upper hand.

The LiveTarget BaitBall is like nothing you’ve seen before.

Photos: Rahfish (top), Outdoor Instruments (above)