Product Review: Mineral Mizer Bag


Whitetail deer need a variety of minerals to grow strong bones, healthy offspring, and big racks. Providing minerals is a challenge, since deer need nourishment throughout the year and traveling to and from whitetail country can be time-consuming and expensive. The Mineral Mizer Bag is an excellent way to provide a mineral drip location that deer can access throughout the year, whether you want to attract deer for hunting or just nourish the local herd. Best of all, this process requires no machinery, raking, or planting, and one supply can last up to a year. That means you can hang a Mineral Mizer Bag and it will still be active during the upcoming fall season. Here are the full details.

Buck Bag Double BuckThe last thing you want to do is scare away the deer on your property by filling the area with your human scent. But you need to put out an attractant to give them a reason to hang around. The Mineral Mizer Bag provides you with a way to attract deer without contaminating the area with human scent for up to one year. As its motto suggests, the Mineral Mizer Bag only requires that you “hang it, wet it and forget it” for up to a year.

With the help of moisture in the air and the occasional rain, the Mineral Mizer Bag provides a constant fresh drip of nourishing minerals to the surface of the ground. This drip will last for an entire year. Deer and other critters find this mineral lick irresistible and will continue to return for more. The bag makes any mineral last longer than conventional pour-and-stir methods by producing a controlled drip that constantly refreshes the ground lick from above. You’ll save money and trips replenishing the lick, which helps keep the area free of human scent longer. This porous, UV-resistant, strong geotextile bag is easily refillable and can withstand years of abuse without showing signs of wear or corrosion.

While this product can be put out and forgotten about for a year, it is just as easily moved from place to place to entice deer throughout your property. The Mineral Mizer Bag works with any dry granular mineral, but to help deer reach their best potential, fill the bag with one of the Mineral Mizer blends. Each blend features a combination of minerals that is not only attractive to deer, but gives fawns a better-than-average chance of developing into healthy full-bodied adults. With a variety of flavors, including acorn, apple and more, deer are sure to return time and again for a taste of the delicious mineral. For more information, visit