Product Spotlight: Cook with your iPhone


Temperature control is one of the most critical elements of proper cooking. Most meats taste best cooked rare or medium, yet there’s a fine line between taste and the amount of heat required to kill potentially harmful elements in such meat as pork. Although meat thermometers have been around for years, they’re difficult to monitor — especially when you have other dishes to prepare. But now (you guessed it) there’s an app for that! Use your iPhone to monitor the temperatures of dishes so that they come out just right. Here are the details:

Stop Guessing & Cook with Confidence 150 Feet Away – Monitors up to 2 Dishes at Once!

Cooking food to the precise temperature needed for safe consumption and optimal taste has never been easier than with these new connected thermometers. The iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini monitor your food from up to 150 feet away using the free iDevices Connected app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (Android coming soon). Simply let the app know what you’re cooking and receive an alert when your food is ready!

Kitchen Thermometer comes in two sizes to meet the needs of any cook. Whether you’re cooking a simple, one dish meal or a gourmet feast for the whole family, you’ll always have the comfort of knowing your food will reach the perfect temperature. Kitchen Thermometer has an illuminated display with two probes to monitor two dishes at once, retailing for $79.99 and Kitchen Thermometer mini is a compact, one probe thermometer for $39.99. To celebrate Mother’s Day from April 25th – May 11th, iDevices will offer $10 off the purchase of the full version of Kitchen Thermometer for $69.99; just use coupon code MDAY14 at checkout.