Review: TruGlo’s Nitrus Release Is a Good Fit


The release of the bowstring is the most critical element in archery. You can do everything 100% correct, yet if you screw up the release, you’ll miss. Inconsistent releases of the string with the use of one’s fingers has caused many an archer to rely on release aides.

One such tool is TruGlo’s Nitrus, and it’s a good one. Nitrus is a combination of a crisp trigger, solid clamping jaws, and the unique BOA release system. The strap is a soft fleece-like fabric in Realtree camo (so it won’t blow your concealment system) which feels comfortable on your wrist. Even though the trigger is adjustable, I found that it came perfectly adjusted for my taste on the first shot. Finally, the BOA locking system allows you to adjust the strap as loosely or tightly as you wish, with no buckles to fumble with. It goes on with a twist and off with a snap. Here are the features of the new product:

13032006164313_is[1]•Quiet, fast, and accurate.

•Breakthrough stainless steel dual-caliper design (patent pending).

•Ultra-smooth trigger pull with a crisp feel.

•Micro-adjustable trigger sensitivity/travel.

•No unwanted trigger travel.

•Uncompromising rock-solid connection system for ultra-precise length adjustments.

•Streamlined jaw design for fast and easy loading — perfect for string loops.

•Precision stainless-steel, wear-free jaws.

•Stainless-steel firing mechanism for increased durability and repeatability.

•Forward trigger position enables faster arrow speeds.

•Ergonomic hand and finger position.

•360-degree rotating head eliminates string torque.

•Precision CNC-machined construction for reliable, durable, worry free performance.

•Premium release strap for long-lasting comfort.

• TG2550MBC features the BOA Closure System.

For more information, see the TruGlo website.

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