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A current life insurance company commercial predicts that America’s population will increase by 80,000,000 people by mid century, with most of them in cities. Unless sportsmen are proactive, that’s a prediction of a huge block of urban voters that won’t understand the role of hunting in conservation. States such as Maryland, Colorado, and California are so dominated by large cities and the urban attitude that sections of these states want to secede and form their own political entities. That probably won’t happen, yet it’s an indication of how serious the information gaps has become. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has joined with the Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT) in an effort to train leaders in outdoor industries about the role that hunting plays in conservation:


The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation formed a partnership with the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation to expand and help fund Conservation Leaders for Tomorrow (CLfT), an established program designed to educate wildlife professionals who do not hunt with an understanding about the important roles of hunting and its impact on conservation.   “A key element of RMEF’s mission is to enhance our hunting heritage,” said Blake Henning, RMEF vice president of Lands and Conservation. “This partnership allows us to do that by helping expand CLfT into the western part of the country while also assisting program participants with the funding they need to attend.”

CLfT offers five-day workshops designed for top professional leaders and students within the natural resources science and management. CLfT workshops are taught by trained instructors who are wildlife professionals, dedicated conservationists and veteran hunters. Participants are exposed to highly interactive classroom discussions and field exercises that focus on hunting awareness, safety, hunter motivations, and the vital role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation.

For more information on this program, go to cltf.org.

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Joe Byers
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