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Thanks to outdoor television shows, we all get a glimpse of hunting on the other side of the earth, mainly New Zealand and Australia, where hunters can stalk giant red stag, Himalayan tahr, water buffalo, and a host of other creatures found nowhere in North America. This year’s Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas (running February 5–9) will host a variety of hunts in exotic places from Australia and other continents. One click to will bring up all the details.

I was fortunate enough to hunt twice in New Zealand for red stag and Himalayan tahr as the following images illustrate:

New Zealand Tahr 116New Zealand Tahr 035








The story of the water buffalo bull shown above was posted on the Gold Tip website, where you can join the author for all the excitement.

 Spanning kilometers abundant with birds, reptiles and lush green flora, the Northern Territory’s swamps, floodplains and coastal flats are also home to the premier big game animal on the Australian continent, Water Buffalo.

Huge wide tracks of land, still out of reach, lay hidden in Australia’s Northern Territory, where we’re venturing in search of the bulls of the far north.  You can imagine the planning and preparation that goes before a hunt like this. All the gear, research, mental and physical conditioning and practising to ensure when our feet hit the hot sand, we’re ready.

After days , weeks, months back to back over the last few years living and guiding safaris in the NT, this bush has become familiar. There’s a comfort and confidence in knowing the land, constantly learning the animals patterns, behaviour and most intriguing to me, their body language. A skill that is so valuable to successful bowhunting, even more so when the animal you pursue is dangerous.

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