Shocking: Police Shoot Injured Deer [VIDEO]


Seeing a deer body in the road is no rare occurrence. As long as vehicular traffic makes its way along rural roads, this is something we’ve found ourselves getting used to. But seeing an animal suffering due to injuries sustained by a hit; that’s another story.

These two policemen surely intended to help this poor creature by putting it down humanely. Unfortunately, things did not turn out well for the already suffering deer.

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart. Those who watch, see if you think the officers could have handled this differently.

What do you think? Did the officer use the right gun for the job? Should he have chosen another part of the body to target? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo: ABC News


  1. Hey your Ignorant city boys. Shotgun was the right choice but shooting the body like that just hit the lungs and gut and cause more pain. The best way to put a deer thats been hit by a car and still alive its a frontal brain shot with a shotgun. If you dont know what your doing wait for the damn Fish and wildlife officer to get there thats part of his training and job description is putting down animals that have been hit.

  2. He definitely chose the right part of the body to shoot. That’s where all the vitals are. Destroy the heart, and it will die. Using a slug (which it looks like he did) is the best choice for a point blank shot like that. Was a tough deer- as it even survived the initial impact from whatever hit it. Some things just take a minute. Not the fault of the officer.

    • Using a shotgun at point blank range with possibly a slug is the worst, it has no time to expand and not do much damage he should have used his sidearm

      • Bullets don’t expand until they hit something, so it wouldn’t have mattered how far away he shot it from based on your logic. Know your facts before you comment on something.

        • You obviously know nothing about guns. Shotguns shoot individual BBs so yes they spread unless you use a slug. BBs spread out farther as they travel. So yes it does matter how far away you are. Thats really common knowledge. Head shot would have been best but at least they cared enough to try. So know your facts before you comment.

      • Slugs aren’t really meant to expand, slugs are used as a very tight grouping to do massive damage to one area.

  3. Looking at the video I see an officer showing another to take the lung and heart shot. That is what he did! The deer kicked for a few seconds afterwards. That’s normal. Not Every shot no matter how perfect of a shot is a instant kill shot. They did the right thing

  4. The right gun was used. Toatally wrong spot to shoot. Heart and lungs when hunting yes. To end suffering high neck shot. Instantly dead with 0 movement. But they meant well. Also I would have stopped traffic and done it quicker

  5. Head shot midway between the eyes and ears with slug or double 00 buckshot would have been the best. However I would not have been that close and I would have backed up any onlookers for chance of ricochet no matter how good of a shot I was.

  6. Shooting towards traffic smart move! Brain shot more effective! Lucky what ever slug didn’t bounce back and smack him in the puss ! If you don’t know what hell your doing put fish and game on it!

  7. Should have been a shot to the head. It would have been a painless fast death. The officer wasn’t using a slug and should have shot it in the back of the skull. Medically it would have been the best option.

  8. Honestly, I think the gun was right. But they should have shot from the other side. And chances are the vitals were already injured/damaged, didn’t you see the external damage? I’m from Iowa so yes I’ve seen car/deer damage first hand some much worst than this and some far less. Slug or shot from that range on the other side would have worked. Now there are going to be a million “my way would’ve worked better” responses to this and arguments galore. Just remember, it was the deer that was suffering those last seconds, which it might have regardless of shot placement.

  9. I think they chose the right gun for the job. But I think they should have shot from the other side of the deer. It obviously withstood a big impact, I am from Iowa so yes I have seen many first hand car/deer accidents both big and small and know what the animals look like after, so the vitals were more than likely injured already. Shot or slug from the other side would have worked and been a much better choice. There will more likely than not be many “my answer is best” arguments here and we should remember it was the deer tha had to lay there them last few minutes after being hit and then shot. Now, as a hunter I ask myself , “Did it suffer anymore because of a bad shot or was it good placement and just a tough ass deer?”

  10. I truely dont see the big deal as a hunter. You are taught to aim for the same spot. Those officers did what they thought was the safer and most effective way. Could it have been quicker to shoot him in the head yes, but the chance for a miss and ricochet puts others in danger. They did the right thing!!

    • I agree with you completely. It worked and no ricochet. I’m thankful they made a judgment call and ended the suffering rather than letting it die in an hour or however long it would have taken

  11. He should of shot from behind/beside the animal towards the side of the road and woods and aim should of been just above the ear.

  12. Omg, really anytime something is suffering u shoot it in the head quick and easy, and probably alot less pain. Shooting it in the chest just caused more pain for the poor thing… plz whenever need help don’t call these two.

  13. One shot to the head / neck area. Shotgun is best due to the likelihood of a ricochet. The angle was wrong for a body shot – his shot went too low and far back as he was shooting from the top/back.

    Either way, he should have followed-up immediately with a second shot.

  14. He should have shot it in the head, would have been more efficient and a quicker death, the poor thing is already in a lot of pain. I am trying to figure out why the one cop is standing there watching it while putting on gloves. Get the other guy and tell him to shoot him in the head. That is inhumane to sit there and watch it struggle and suffer. And on top of that he just steps on it then starts dragging it from the road. He did have the right choice of gun but didn’t hit it in the correct spot.

  15. The deer was still mobile enough, the officers could not have moved it off the road to dispatch it. Based on the deer being on the road and its mobility, they chose both the right weapon and location on the deer. Yes, a head shot would have dispatched it quicker, but there is not enough body mass to keep the ammunition (sidearm cartridge or shotgun slug) from ricocheting off the pavement. If it had ricocheted, it would have created a public safety issue. Any deer, or animal for that matter, that has experienced a severe trauma like this one did, is very hard to dispatch. Ideally, it would have been done where no one would have witnessed it, but unfortunately life doesn’t hand us “ideal” situations all the time.

  16. As a longtime hunter, I would have just used the pistol & shot him around the base of the ear. Quick & clean. Where he shot him is fine to kill him, but a head shot is a lot quicker.

  17. A police officer with any brains in his head uses his sidearm for a frontal brain shot. these guys look like idiots.

  18. Diffenently should have took a kill shot not one to make him suffer a little long then what he was like in the head

  19. Being an Officer and an avid hunter if say they did what they could. My choice would have been my side arm and in the head. And I would never shot a deer on a hard surface such as a paved road. Would have moved it to the ditch first.

  20. They did the right thing… They just didn’t go about putting the deer out of its misery very well shot in the back of the head from his pistol would’ve done it.

  21. Has this guy never shot a gun before? how can he miss from that far away? was the officer in charge, ya you with the stripe on your sleeve we all saw you, brain dead letting this gun anywhere near a firearm?

  22. Should have gone head or spine maybe. Sidearm has to much penetration that close so yes shotgun was probably best.

  23. I have killed many deer that I have made a bad shot on and there is not a simple way to shoot them and they stop moving deer are tough animals and have reflexes just like every living thing you can’t place a single shot on a deer and expect it to stop living sure if to severe the spine at the base of the skull it will kill it instantly but I will move reflexes make that happen he chose a good are to shoot it but the best is right behind the ear with a smaller caliber load it will kill it with little to no pain to the animal but it will kick and flop reflexes guys everything has them

  24. These two cops are as dumb as they come, a head shot is what was needed for two reason, one quick kill and two save the meat if they were going to donate it. Why would you use shot anyway a slug okay but shot? That poor deer suffered even more!

  25. All looked fairly standard to me. Shotgun was the best choice, packs a lot of energy close up and loses energy fast (good choice for an area with lots of human activity such as a highway, less chance of ricochet). Distance was fine. Muzzle control looked good. Shooting for the vitals was the best choice (the head’s a small target, and when it’s flopping around like that, you could miss and shoot off a lower jaw or something horrible along those lines). Yeah, the optic of it flopping and twitching like that are fairly nasty, but that’s what happens when something dies, and it’s never going to be pretty. I’m a game warden, and I regularly euthanize injured animals on the highway – I would have done exactly the same.

  26. Yall are dumb a pistol round has way more fps compared to shotgun which is 1200 fps so the round of a listol would have hot the road and bounced. Granted the officer should have taken a head shot instead of a body shot.

  27. For the people who say it was the right spot first off. You don’t know the Hell your talking about, the spine may in theory be a good placement shot but it doesn’t kill right away, it for sure paralyzes, but it will not be guaranteed to kill, what they should have done, in an experienced hunters view is shot it in the head with their handgun, guaranteed, quick and not messy

  28. Hit a deer once and officers had to shoot it. Best to put it out of its misery there is no way that deer could of survived a normal life in the wild ever again. Officers said they shot it in the heart because there has been rickashay off of the deers skull bone. This really was the safest way to do it. Officers just doing their job.

  29. correct firearm, I personally would have fired from the opposite direction..shot threw the lungs and heart rather than just the lungs (from his angle) For those saying a have to think of the bullet, where it’s going after it goes threw the deer and hits the concrete…shotgun pellets won’t damage the concrete nor ricochet nearly as bad as a 9m pistol (what most cop issued firearms are)

  30. They did what they thought was best, can’t hate on that. The same happens when hunting, and it’s no different. You don’t get a shot to the head or heart. They often run for a distance before falling and bleeding out. Move on.

  31. With a Well placed Shot in the back of the skull cavity with a .22 pistol or rifle would have done the job. Where he placed his shot (lower spine) just cripples the animal even more. On top of that, they used a shotgun which is the wrong close range weapon to use on a downed/wounded animal. As a hunter, I strive for the most ethical and humane shot possible. This was not done properly what so ever. All they did was create more pain and misery for the animal. Simply, if you do not know how to handle a situation like this, do not attempt it.

  32. are They Just Plain Stupid? Some People Have No Common Sense These Days. What’s The Fastest Way To Kill Something? Um In The Head! Use A shotgun Or Their 9 It Don’t Matter Just Shoot It In The Head. Im A Big Sportsmen And I Hate Seeing Animals Suffer Especially Like That. Them Cops Wasted Way To Much Time. Stop The Cars Rite Away And End It. Why Would Anyone Sit There And Watch It Suffer? No Excuse For Them Actions Just Straight Up Stupidity.

  33. shotgun yes, but shoot it in the head. every time i’ve had the police come shoot a roadkill deer they’ve shot the head. puts them down quick

  34. Cops did what they had to do to end the suffering. However, an up close spine shot to the base of the neck would have shut the lights off instantly…

  35. Have any of you taken gun safety? The officer shot the deer where he was suppose to. The head is just another option, ones not better than the other. Anyways, most animals dont die imediatly after being shot.

  36. Slug in the chest on blacktop not the best. Id say pistol in the head in the dirt. What irritated me more than shot placement is the time it took. They should have got there and took care of it asap. No pointing where to shoot it. Just do it

  37. Does it really matter at this point, his legs were practically blown off from being hit. Although the officer probably could’ve chosen a different way of execution, they did the best they could so the animal wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

  38. The most effective and humane way to put an animal down that is suffering is a bullet to the head if no other alternative. I’m sure the officers had this animals best interest at heart. But with all of the training officers receive one would think they would understand the “one bullet to the head” scenario. The animal was clearly still suffering and another bullet should have been discharged into the deer. Definitely not best choice for bullet placement.

  39. He should of shot it in the head! Yes a shotgun was the right firearm to choose to use. I’ve always seen VA States shoot an suffering animal in the head!

  40. True, the officer should have probably waited for the Wildlife Officer to arrive, but that could have taken an extended amount of time which left the deer there in pain even longer. A shot to the head or spine would have been a much quicker death but the blood and general gore of the incident would have been atrocious. Many of the people in the cars might have been scarred by how atrocious the scene was. Calling this inhumane is idiotic if you are a hunter or outdoorsman. He shot it in the shoulder where most hunters tend to place their shot. Saying this inhumane is no different than saying hunting is inhumane. Toughen up and think people. None of us can imagine the pain the animal was already in as it was laying on the road. I mean take a look at those front legs. The officer may not have taken the absolute best route, but the path he took makes sense. I am sure many of you all condoning the officer’s actions do not put your lives in the amount of danger these men do every day in order to keep your lives safe.

  41. He did it right. If he would have shot it in the head it would have made a mess. They should have shot it in the heart.

  42. Cops up here in alaska shoot them in the head… I’ve heard of it done with both shotgun or handgun… Body shots are more of a hunting thing

  43. Agree with the previous comment about spine meets skull. Where the officer pointed and aimed is pretty much just the lungs.

  44. Remain calm people and rest assure that the deer was dispatched immediately when the officer fired his weapon … the deer was still moving ONLY because of ADRENALINE !
    He did not suffer any after he was shot , cause he was dead , his body just didnt know it ! I promise .

  45. So I hunt allot.. Ok the reason why people shoot the chest of the deer is cause there is a bigger target. It’s where the heart and lungs sit which is bigger than the brain. The fastest way to kill any animal is by its brain. It’s just smaller target to hit unlike the lungs or heart. Any gun would work to put a deer down… u just need to know where to place the shot. The best shot those police men could of taken would have been to the head

  46. It doesn’t matter whether he shot it in the head or chest he killed the deer much faster than if they just left it and that’s the point. If he would have shot it in the head he would risk pieces of antler and skull flying off. You can shoot a deer in the heart and it will still run 30 yards, they are tough animals.

  47. The video is less than three minutes and they shot it a minute into the video….I think the deer died plenty quick enough, and if u know anything about anything u would know that freshly killed animals twitch for a bit so that could be the case for the last moments of the video

  48. Should have shot him in the head with his side arm from a safe distance. Instant kill and no suffering. You’d think they’d be smart enough to know that….

  49. Tough situation, lots of traffic in the area, deer is an a hard surface. I think the shotgun provides the safest weapon to prevent ricochet damage. I probably would have chosen the head shot, but I don’t think a solid bullet is the answer due to ricochet. Moving the animal in that condition risks personal injury. Not the cleanest kill, probably the safest.

    It’s much better than leaving him. I came across a deer hit by a car with a broken back, didn’t have a knife or a firearm. I called the police to put the deer down. Eight hours later on my way home from work it was still there and still alive. I went home, gut a gun and shot her one time in the head. It was in a field away from traffic and asphalt. Poor thing sat there all day. I don’t think the police even tried.

  50. These two boys must have never gone hunting before. You would either shoot it in the head or heart, the placement of the one shotgun shot was to far back to be a kill shot. All it would do is possibly cause more pain depending where the deer’s back was broken from the car accident. The sidearm would have been the correct weapon to use in this situation due to the power the slug has when fired. Since most law officers carry a 9mm which is a lot less powerful than a 12 gauge shotgun using a slug and thus would travel a shorter distance after exiting the deer.

  51. I think the cop giving the advice on where to shoot the deer should have taken the shot because he seemed more comfortable, I think however the choice to shoot the deer in the vitals might have been a decision based on the fact that they didn't want the p

    I think the cop giving the advice on where to shoot the deer should have taken the shot because he seemed more comfortable, I think however the choice to shoot the deer in the vitals might have been a decision based on the fact that they didn’t want the public to see them blow the deer’s head off and I have seen a deer shot in the head with a 22and the
    Deer’s skull blow into pieces and the cops did not want the public to see that especially when they are being filmed

  52. They were a couple of ‘non-hunters’, pistol shot between the eyes; after stopping traffic, of course. Sad they let it suffer as long as they did. Gut shot was NOT right.

  53. Shotgun or pistol either one would have worked fine as long as the officer would have just taken the headshot instead of the body shot. This Deer is already pumped full of adrenaline from being hit by a vehicle and Deer can go amazing lengths on that adrenaline alone. It still had to sit there gasping for air while lungs willed with blood. . . Headshot or knife the head off. Brother had to do that after hitting a deer in the spine while bow hunting

    • Idiots could have used either weapon but a head shot would have been the most humane way of putting this poor deer out of its misery!

  54. Shut up morons. You can’t shoot a deer at point blank in the head, you would have skull chunks and antler bits stuck in your face. It looked grizzly because the poor thing had it’s legs broken, but death is rarely instant, deal with it. They probably saved that animal hours of suffering.

  55. They have to take public safty into consideration above all else. If they aimed at the head the shot could have rebounded and went anywhere the body is the safest and best way in this situation. Yes a head shot is quickest way to kill the side arm might have even better who knows. If they wouldn’t have intervened. The animal could have lived for hours. So all you people who “know better” remember they aren’t in the woods they weren’t in a rural area people were driving by and this was the safest most effective method in my eyes.

  56. What a pair of knobs !!!! That poor deer is suffering so why didn’t they shoot it straight away as soon as they seen it

  57. The shotgun was a good call! Side arm with busy traffic you have to worry about were is the bullet going to go. From personal experience a 9mm would have easily gone through the head and who knows where is would of went! Even the fish and wildlife aim for the vitals not the head! The officers also have to think about the safety of the people so where does a bullet go when it blows through a seers head at point blank range??

  58. He shot from that side because there was another road over on the left so even though it may have been a little less effective it was the right choice as far as safety goes.

  59. they should have shot it in the head for a instant kill. not as bad as what the RCMP did not too long ago, shot a deer 14 times!!!!

  60. I can’t see the video, but do not shoot it in the head with a shotgun. People do not want to see that kind of carnage happen to Bambi. Pistol would be fine, but not a shotgun.

  61. When I had the same situation happen to me when I saw a wounded deer some jerk left to die on the side of the road. The cop took out his AR-15 and missed from about 40 ft 6 or 7 times. Then finally shot it in the neck and poor thing went nuts and struggled even worse. I will spare you the details after that because it sadly got worse. I wish I had taped it though, mostly because the guy couldn’t shoot.