Shooting Clay for Youth Programs


The Safari Club convention brings hunters from around the world to pursue the heritage they love, promote conservation, and involve young people. With so much experience in one place, it’s a no-brainer to hold a clay bird tournament to raise money for a great cause: outdoor activities for young people. Last year, the respective foundations of SCI and the Boy Scouts of America raised $40,000 for joint projects. The second annual event, hosted by the Clark County Shooting Complex and title-sponsored by Krieghoff more than doubled participation. Taking part in the event was Corey Cogdell, bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympics.

SCI 2014 020“We split the money 50/50,” says SCI Foundation President Joe Hosmer. “We each take funds back to our regional projects, where the money will make a difference locally. In particular, we support the new program that targets men and women, 16–21 years old who participate together.

“We teach more kids to shoot than anyone else,” said Dave Hedman, chairman of the BSA Foundation. “We don’t have a formal link to SCI, but if we raise our children right they will become hunters and want to join.”

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Joe Byers
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