Teen with Cerebral Palsy Bags Mountain Lion


You just can’t keep a good Montana boy down. Despite a disabling disease, this young teen shows that heart and determination can overcome almost any obsticle and take a crafty predator from the wilds as well. This post from the Outdoor Hub will warm your heart and boost your spirit:

Fifteen-year-old Leif Holman of Melville, Montana uses crutches to help him walk, but that doesn’t get in the way of his love for the outdoors. The high school freshman has a type of cerebral palsy that makes it difficult for him to move some muscles in his legs, a major challenge to any hunter who has to track over thick snow and rough terrain. For Holman however, it is just another obstacle to be overcome.

Thankfully, the teen has a loving family and friends who make his active lifestyle all that more fulfilling. So far Holman successfully harvested deer, elk, bighorn sheep, black bears and, as of late last month, he can now add mountain lion to that list.

It was a school day with an unusually exciting twist. According to the Billings Gazette

photo courtesy: The Raw Spirit

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Joe Byers
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