Teton Tested: Browning’s Hell’s Canyon Parka


On most elk hunts, you carry rain gear as a precaution. But this season the Wyoming skies opened up and rain fell incessantly. I’ve previously used Browning’s Hell’s Canyon gear for elk hunting and ordered a new set for this and an upcoming hunt in Colorado. The outer brush material is quiet in the mountain and soft to the touch. Due to the foul weather, I wore it most days and was able to wear the modified bibs without a base layer. Despite an hour’s climb from 8,000 feet each morning, the pant breathed well, yet insulated when I slowed down or waited at an ambush point.

WY Elk 13 125This outfit has multiple zippers; all are double sealed for weatherproofing. In fact, I’ve never worn a hunting suit that is so well-designed for bad weather. I was unable to scientifically test the merits of their scent-elimination system, yet not a single animal spooked while I wore it. Most impressive was the versatility of the outfit, allowing me to move for hours without getting sweaty, and then providing me with insulation via its second layer; this was most appreciated as I waited in position for hours as the sun sank below the horizon. The bibs have just enough material in the Lombard region so that you don’t have air leaks, as with standard pants.

WY Elk 13 089Even though rain and hail soaked the material on the outside, I was dry on the inside. It’s a great product and may last longer than I will.

Here’s a quick summary from Browning: The rugged three-layer fabric is silent in brush, windproof, extremely breathable and highly water-resistant. It has an odorsmart antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fleece lining and a full-length front zipper with internal storm flap. It also includes zippered cargo pockets, ventilator pockets with storm flaps, a bottom drawcord, and adjustable neoprene cuffs. Get more information at Browning’s website.

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Joe Byers
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