The DIY Whitetail Hunt for Weekend Warriors


Finding remote weekend hunting spots adds extra excitement to any season, like double whipped cream and cherries on an ice cream sundae. Traveling to a region outside of your normal hunting grounds adds a sense of adventure to the trip, as well as offering variety and new learning opportunities to your usual stomping grounds. All things considered, becoming a traveling hunter has many benefits, as Bernie Barringer points out in this OutdoorHub post.

Bass Mossy Oak Scent Blocker 238Can’t afford the time or the money to take an extended hunting trip out of state? Consider the pros and cons of a weekend DIY hunt.

When most hunters think about a road trip to hunt big whitetail bucks, they are usually thinking about a weeklong adventure. Their tactics involve going to an area, scouting it out, hanging stands, and hoping to shoot a big one by the end of the trip. There are certainly some advantages to this approach, and for some hunters it is the only option. But there’s another option to consider: how about the weekend DIY getaway?  A weekend trip has some significant positives if you have a good hunting area within four to six hours from home. This can be a great alternative for the person who doesn’t have large blocks of time to hunt. Let’s explore this option.

Timing is important

If you are planning a weeklong hunt, you must choose the best time to go. Early season? Rut? Late season? With a weekend adventure, you can go multiple times. Go during the early season when the deer are more patternable, then go back during the rut when the bucks are on their feet during the day. Go back once more in the late season when the deer are focused on the food sources and once again fall into predictable daily patterns. Take off on a Friday, say at noon, hunt that evening, then Saturday and Sunday. Head home Sunday night.

SOURCEThe Outdoor Hub
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  1. Wait….aren’t MOST of us hunters “weekend warriors”? That is kinda insulting….or is it just me?
    Its seems like, if your not some “pro” hunter your just another source for their business venture that keeps THEM in the woods….