The Mystery of the Long-Hooved Buck


Whitetail deer are amazing creatures, but sometimes odd health situations occur, like the buck that only dropped one antler. Deer hooves grow like human fingernails or toenails, yet the friction of walking on rocks, leaves, and other debris keeps them naturally trimmed. In this case, however, something went awry, as this post from QDMA explains:

deer_feet_4__thumb[1]I received an e-mail from QDMA member Justin Forsten of Louisiana, a Level II QDMA Deer Steward, who sent some interesting photos and a note: “Hey guys hope you all are doing well and either had or are having a great season! I wanted you all to take a look at the hooves of a buck I killed on the evening of December 11, 2013. As you can tell from the pictures, his hooves are longer than any I have ever seen. I seem to remember reading that this could be the result of consuming too much carbohydrates in his diet but wanted to get your thoughts on what we are seeing here.

P.S. I had to show you all the hero shot too! (see the Gallery below) Justin Forsten,Wildlife and Timber Manager, Winter Quarters Hunting and Fishing Club”

Justin is correct, “hot” feeds can cause…

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Joe Byers
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