Trophy Cam HD Wireless Trail Camera [VIDEO]


The Trophy Cam HD wireless trail camera was one of the really cool products featured at the recent meeting of the Professional Outdoor Media Association. As Communications Manager Kevin Howard explained the features of the camera, he showed me a picture of him doing so on his cell phone. Without a click or flash, the camera had captured my image and texted it to Howard’s phone. Obviously this is every deer POMA 2014 2 257hunter’s dream.

I’ve used the Bushnell Trophy cam with great success and welcome the new wireless features. Now the camera will send images to my cell phone in real time, so I know what’s happening at my spot; it will also let me know if other hunters are checking out my location. Best of all, you don’t deal with a phone company. You get one month’s free service from Bushnell and then select a plan from them according to your needs. Michael Waddell wasn’t at the conference, but does a great job of explaining the features in this brief video.