Kayaker vs. Two Fish in Epic Battle [VIDEO]


Targeting billfish in a kayak is a dangerous proposition. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Typically, the fish are bigger than the boat. You could easily be capsized, speared, or any number of life-threatening situations. Now imagine this scenario: You didn’t go out targeting billfish, but you’re trolling a live bait and hook up not one, but two sailfish at the same time!

What would you do? Panic and cut a line? Cut both lines? Or fight it out? In this Game & Fish article, find out what kayak angler Jasper Pons did, and watch one of the most amazing fishing videos ever captured on the water.

sailjumpKayak angler Jasper Pons, 44, recently left the shores of Westbrook, South Africa with the intention of catching a few mackerel to bring home for dinner. Instead, he and a fishing buddy ended up with a sheer adrenaline rush and six minutes of rare video footage that documents an epic battle with a “hot” sailfish as described by Kayak Fish.

All appeared to be a calm, relatively uneventful day as Pons rigged his two lines with live maasbankers or “mozzies” and pitched the baits into the water just a few feet from his Stealth fishing ski. When the first sailfish hit, Pons was so focused on staying clear of its erratic jumps and razor sharp bill that he didn’t notice a second fish racing up to take the bait on the second rod off to his right side. While he was fighting the first fish, the second fish crashed into the side of his kayak and then inhaled the bait. Pons instantly took action and set the reel in freespool, hoping that the fish would run from the small vessel, but soon noticed that the line was wrapped around the rudder.

With one fish headed east and one headed south, Pons called for reinforcements and handed the second rod over to his friend with his right hand as he kept pressure on the first fish with his left. He once again concentrated his efforts on landing the initial fish — still far from being an easy task.

The sail dragged the kayak in several directions before Pons was able to get within reaching distance. Using his hat, a Christmas gift from his mother, he leaned over in an attempt to grab the fish, but the sail continued to thrash its sharp bill just inches from Pons as if in protest. Then, the fish took a dramatic a leap into the air… the fight wasn’t over just yet.

Photos: Jasper Pons (top), Southbound Sportfishing (above)